Protecting Your Children When They Are In School

The world of school safety is a hot topic in today’s media.  With more and more children believing that they need to bring a gun or other weapon to school to protect themselves it is even more important that you supply your children with the tools they need if they find themselves in a situation where they need to protect themselves.

Protective backpacks

One of the first lines of defense parents are taking is getting their children bulletproof backpack inserts that they can use as a defensive shield.  It works by them taking the pack and placing it in front of them.  Then as they run away from the shooter it can be used to shield them.

Self-defense class

Another way that parents are helping their children learn to defend themselves is to sign them up for self-defense classes.  In these classes they will learn how to protect themselves from people who may attack them or otherwise do harm.  The skills that they learn in these classes can be applied to other areas in their life and not just in s school shooting situation.

bulletproof backpack inserts


What you want to do is teach children to be tolerant with each other.  Many situations that cause these issues to arise stem from bullying, misunderstanding of others and the need to feel superior.  If we take the time to be tolerant of others, don’t jump to judge and really just focus on our own personal issues, then many of these situations will resolve themselves.

The world that we live in is changing and isn’t changing for the better.  In fact, with more and more issues discussed in the media it will only give others the idea that solving their problems through violence is the answer.  It is our job to really focus on ways to make lives positive again and offer different solutions than solving disputes with a gun.