One Or Two Horse Inventory Priorities

This is a little something for the enthusiastic beginners. Their sense of excitement must be quite high. Because let’s face it, what could be more exciting than taking your first horse riding lessons. In exciting moments like these it can be so easy to forget. So easy to forget what is most important to you as a beginner. Of course, you need to be kitted up in a rush for your first riding lesson. But try and plan well for this event.

And really, you shouldn’t be rushing in the first place. Have more time to do your online shopping. While going through the extensive horse tack inventory focus your attention on two important priorities. Look towards securing your safety and comfort first and foremost. But having said that, make sure that you’ve saddled up the horse’s safety and comfort as well. Because surely to goodness you must know this. The horse’s welfare is a matter of importance.

horse tack

And it works both ways too surely. If the horse is comfortable and right she will surely allow you to ride in comfort too. She’ll do as you say and give you a good trot or two. How is safety and comfort applied on the basic level when applying your mind to horse tack for the very first time? As far as safety is concerned, the very first thing on your equestrian shopping list is surely going to be your riding helmet.

Thereafter you will be seeking to purchase brightly colored clothing for just in case you and the horse are caught in a thick mist, or its getting dark out there. Just like traveling on the roads, you and she need to be seen and noticed. And comfortable clothing for you but comfortable saddle and bridle for the horse.