Tingle All Kinds Of Fancies With Feathers

If you know of someone close to you who is rather ticklish, you could surprise her with your ticklish feathers. If you know of someone who loves to be decorative but does not yet know how, is perhaps bereft with ideas and materials, you could introduce her to an array of colored feathers which could be arranged around the place in all sorts of creative ways. But if you first need to get that place fixed up, you can use those feathers too.  

Just a simple feather duster or two is all that you may ever need to get your place all spic and span. But if you are one of those who have a maid or so to do the chores and need to be getting ready for your next gala event, this time a fancy dress ball perhaps, you and your dress maker could tingle yourselves with ideas on how to utilize those colorful feathers and weave them in to your décolletage.

Where do all these colored feathers arrive from? Well, all corners of the globe, actually. The warehouse is stacked to the hilt. Creative and imaginative men and women are called upon to rearrange all the large bales into its manageable parts, preparing them for all and sundry and for all manner and purposes. Some people like peacock feathers. They like to be as proud as a…well, this you probably know already.

colored feathers

And others like the strength and majesty that ostrich feathers will be bringing them. You know what they say. Birds of a feather flock together. And many of them do so as light as a feather. Feathers do not always need to be gaudy and exotic. They could just be keeping you warm then.